GuíaBurros Climate change, ecological crisis and sustainability


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GuíaBurros Approaching the debate on: climate change, ecological crisis and sustainability.

Los GuíaBurros son manuales básicos para aprender a utilizar una herramienta, realizar una actividad o adquirir un conocimiento determinado de manera sencilla y fácil.

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GuíaBurros Approaching the debate on: climate change, ecological crisis and sustainability.

This is a book that has a main goal to disclose information in an easy way about the ecologic crisis and climate change, phenomenon that are the great threat of the XXIst century. They both affect the whole planet and could change life as we know it, risking future and present generations.

This essay encourages to think about the vulnerability of a world that is still getting over a pandemic, and a world that is facing big international geopolitical challenges. It is also an informative book that intends to raise awareness to the reader, pointing out the importance of protecting and preserving the environment, so we can assure the natural balance of our common home, planet Earth.


Miguel Luis Lapeña

Miguel Luis Lapeña

Miguel Luis Lapeña Cregenzán diploma in Business Studies, postgraduate in Business Management, postgraduate in Leadership, also holds a university degree in conflict resolution and peacekeeping.

He has held the position of councillor for culture, youth and economic development of Fraga town council (Huesca, Spain), as well as mayor of Fraga 2015-2019. He currently is the general manager of planning and economic development of the Government of Aragón (Spain), he also European Climate Pact Ambassador.

Miguel Luis has written more than sixty articles about social responsibility, circular economy, sustainability and management in medium-sized and family businesses. He’s also the author of the book GuíaBurros: 2030 Agenda. The great challenge of sustainable development.

He is part of the United Nations Project UN Volunteers, and is also a member of Global Academy: Global Goals as a researcher on SDG 8, SDG 12, and SDG 16.

Rosmel Rodríguez

Rosmel Rodríguez

Rosmel Rodríguez Barroso is a Venezuelan political scientist dedicated to environmental activism in Europe. He is currently European Climate Pact Ambassador, he also a lecturer at the Central University of Venezuela in the field of political ecology.

He is a PhD candidate at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, he holds a postgraduate course in management for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge and another postgraduate course at the London School of Economics in public policy analysis, and a MBA at the EUDE Business School-Camino Jose Cela University, Madrid.

Focused on environmental awareness and dissemination, he writes articles for different digital magazines in Spain, Portugal, and France, as well as participating in international conferences addressing the debates on climate justice, ecological justice, and socio-environmental conflict resolution.


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